2018 Chardonnay



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2018 Chardonnay Sales limited to three bottles per customer.

The Wine

Poderi Crisci Chardonnay is produced in the true Burgundian style with a nod to the Friuli region of Italy. Whilst our wines are like our children, and we know we shouldn’t have favourites, it is impossible not to get excited with every new vintage of Chardonnay, even while it is still in the barrel. This wine transcends the fruit and displays all the myriads of characteristics that one would expect from a great wine.

Tasting Notes

A very nice minerality with yellow plums, mirabelles and nectarines, then also grilled almonds, marzipan and honeycomb, beeswaxy characteristics.

Full silky palate with great weight and simultaneously light, due to the beautiful balance and structure of the wine.

On the palate, ripe nectarines and then stonefruits to start, followed by more citrus, mainly mandarin and orange, finishing flinty and dry with excellent length.



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